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At Swell Electrical you will find I am a licensed and insured electrical contractor. I have been working as an electrician for over a decade which has enabled me to gain the skills and experience required to tackle any problem-solving task that presents itself. Quality and precision are core values of mine, I am well versed in the Canadian Electrical Code, and hold safety to be of utmost importance in my installation practices. I’m available for anything from troubleshooting why a light switch isn't working, to adding an EV charger, to upgrading your electrical service to your house.

TSBC License #LEL0213164



There's nothing better than solving a puzzle. I welcome the opportunity to diagnose and provide a solution for any electrical problem you may be experiencing in your business or residence.


In the nitty-gritty is where I shine brightest. Finesse is my specialty. I pay a lot of attention to each and every detail. From reading elaborately detailed drawings to installing high-end accent lighting, to installing electrical in furniture you can count on my observational skills to provide an exceptional finished product.


I am intentional about taking care of our home on this flying space rock. Recycling matters, even in construction where it often is neglected, but it wont be with Swell. I have experience installing grid-tied solar panels, electric vehicle chargers, and am very interested in any opportunity to research and experiment with emerging sustainable power generation methods.


Electricity is a fascinating and incredible phenomenon that we harness with a multitude of safety measures to use for our purposes. This is a critically important step in the use of electricity due to the great potential for damage and injury in its misuse. I am committed to taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe in my installations, just as I do for my own family home.


Neither circuit breakers nor electrical panels last forever. At some point you need a replacement for safety reasons or to gain more space or power. You may have decided to invest in a generator panel for you home. Whatever your reason for a new panel, I am entirely competent in residential and commercial electrical panel replacement and home service upgrades.

Swell Electrical is a Residential and Commercial Electrical Contractor serving Greater Victoria.


Everyone likes new, right? I have ample experience in new construction wiring from start to finish. I am prepared to offer recommendations when it comes to locations for lighting and receptacles.


I do enjoy the challenge of renovations, you never know what you will find once they begin. Thats the nature of life though isn't it, at some point a renovation is needed. You may be wanting your house to look and function differently, or maybe you have leased a new commercial property and need to renovate to meet your business's needs, Swell is ready.


Wether you need an upgrade to accomodate adding a suite to your home, or its just to add an EV Charger, I'm qualified to install your new 200amp service. Overhead or underground, its no problem.



My strength lies in my commitment to excellence. I don’t cut corners, I can't.. its not who I am..

Who I am is Levi! While I grew up in small town Saskatchewan, I moved to Victoria 10 years ago and was instantly smitten. I feel privileged to live in such a beautiful part of this our country. I live here in Colwood with my lovely wife and two young daughters.

I do love the ocean. When I'm not pulling wire or hanging light fixtures I try to get wet. I like to surf, though most of my time in time in the water is spent freediving and spearfishing.

Levi Kozun



Give me a call or send an email and we can talk through your electrical issue needing attention or the requirements for your next project. I'd love to provide you with a free estimate.